CP PLUS Secures Kidzania Entertainment City Noida


KidZania is an infotainment concept designed for children aged 1-14 years. It showcases an interactive city that combines inspiration, fun and learning through realistic role-play. Spread over 7,000 square meters, kids can independently explore more than a 100 exciting careers, the inner-workings of a city and the concept of managing money. Each activity and experience is designed to empower and hone kids and give them the confidence to be their best selves, and inspire them to be great global citizens. The KidZania concept is already present in 24 cities across 19 countries, complete with paved roads, buildings, battery operated cars, and a fully functioning economy with its own currency.

When the KidZania management reached out to CP PLUS, they had two main concerns: firstly, considering the expanse of this theme park, it was challenging to watch and control activities of kids playing around, and secondly, video feed of the children’s activity was to be provided to parents sitting in the lounge area. While the premise did have manned security, manually monitoring all corners of expansive area was rendered ineffective.


After analyzing the requirements, the CP PLUS team conducted a detailed survey of the area with the system integrator for the project, Honeywell, to draw out a comprehensive plan for the campus. A combination of state-of-the-art IP cameras and NVRs were chosen to address the unique needs of specific areas.

  • To monitor the kid’s activity areas, a combination of CP PLUS 1.3MP Dome and 1.3MP Varifocal Dome cameras were used that offer high resolution imagery with wide coverage and a visibility range of 30 meters. The footage from these cameras would be displayed on the lounge screens for guardians of children to see.
  • The lanes and aisles were secured using the CP PLUS 1MP Vandal Dome cameras which support variable focal length thereby making them ideal for corridors and lanes. Additionally, these cameras are also vandal and tamper proof.  
  • The entry and exit points and the outdoor would be covered by CP PLUS 1.3MP Bullet cameras, which offer high resolution imagery, WDR that automatically adjusts to varying light conditions, and come with an IP66 rating making them ideal for outdoor environments. 
  • For the monitoring station/control room setup an embedded VMS solution has been provided, with a capacity to cater to 500 IP Cameras with 700Mbps incoming bandwidth and 700Mbps transmission bandwidth. The control room solution has been designed considering future needs such as scalability wherein ‘n’ number of devices can be added on to the existing server/client architecture, and a ‘failover system’ which allows switching over to an alternate system in case of a system failure, and more.  It also provides an option to integrate multiple solutions and analytical features such as people counting, face recognition any many more, access control, Fire alarm system etc.
  • Additionally, as per the project’s requirement of 30 days of recording, a NAS solution has been provided which easily configures with the DSS server and can be upgraded to increase the days of recording required by simply cascading more NAS servers to act as one NAS recorder.

Considering the nature of the setup CP PLUS has provided a solution that is scalable and can be easily upgraded whenever required. That’s not all; it can be integrated with other allied systems to make security more efficient.


The solution provided the administration with a ready access to the all sections of the expansive area at a click of the mouse. It enhanced the overall safety and operational efficiency of the setup, while enabling guardians to keep an eye on their children.

Implemented over 4 weeks, the solution was commended by the KidZania management, especially Mr. Yazdi Khambata, Facility Director - India, KidZania. Following the successful implementation of this project, KidZania has been considering up-scaling of their existing security infrastructure with CP PLUS in other branches as well.

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