The vast premises of Shah Abdul Latif University are now under the vigilant eyes of CP PLUS high definition security cameras.


Shah Abdul Latif is an esteemed university and one of the most recognized bodies providing higher education in the field of arts, commerce, science and technology. It is located in Khairpur - a former state that joined Pakistan in 1955, right at the heartland of Upper Sindh. The main campus located at Khairpur - just 3 kilometers away from the town, spanning an area of 340 acres of land plush with greenery and demarcated playgrounds.

The university houses over 8000 students and staff across its campus, and the management wanted to make sure that the premise was safe and secure for all. The existing security was limited to the premise being manned by a few security personnel, which was, by far, insufficient from the security point of view. The management required an intelligent surveillance system be designed that would not only ensure the safety of students and staff but also help with maintaining discipline within the university.


The management of Shah Abdul Latif University wanted to monitor the entire expanse, especially the entrance and exits and boundary walls. The expectation from the system was real –time recording and crystal clear display.

The university’s vast premises required careful screening so as to determine the best locations and angles where cameras could be installed to monitor the maximum area without compromising on the footage quality. The choice of cameras, cabling, and related equipment/ peripherals, also required careful evaluation. It was important to ensure that the installation was tamper proof.

The choicest of high definition CP PLUS cameras were selected along with one of the best recorders and a VMS so as to ensure high definition images, 24 hour recording and hassle-free operation. A central control room was set up where footage could be monitored and recorded.


Shah Abdul Latif University has greatly benefited from the installation of this surveillance system. The control room for recording and storage of data has distributed monitoring units connected by underground optical fiber cabling. The conceptualization of this project has ensured easy identification and immediate action.

The installed surveillance system has been able to efficiently monitor the campus round-the-clock, zoom-in where needed and provide real-time images to authorities to enable authorities to tackle emergency situations and take corrective actions.

The client wanted to deploy a surveillance system that would seamlessly integrate into their organizational design without requiring major infrastructural overhauls. The image clarity offered by the CP PLUS cameras we installed impressed the client and they were very happy with the end results”, mentioned Mr. Haneef of COMTEL, the system integrator for the project in Karachi, Pakistan.

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